Meditation Experiences

You start to see yourself, the way you are in all aspects of your life

The cool thing about this meditation method is that it has this ability to show you who you are from a much bigger perspective than yourself. It is really hard to see yourself as yourself, so the method has this way of showing yourself from a bigger perspective. Then you get to reflect on yourself on how you actually are and you see things in yourself. And I saw things in myself that I did not realize that I had before the method. I think that is one of the biggest strength of this meditation. Speaking from my own experience, I found it really hard to bring big changes within myself but this method has helped me get rid of my habits and useless negative thoughts.I am definitely happier now and also just more relaxed. I feel better within myself and that is the best way to define happiness for me. Also, I am more focused. I mean I work with computers and it is important to have patience and really be able to focus throughout the day. I work with my head the whole day, thus it is so important to be able to be relaxed within myself. Not always trying to move, not always thinking about something else, just staying put; and the meditation has definitely helped me with that.

The meditation has also improved me as a husband and father. One problem that I think in many relationships I find is; you have this expectation of the other to give you something the whole time. You want to get something from that person. And I think the meditation has changed that perspective for me and my wife. It is now more about putting in the work yourself without underlying expectations for one another. Also, this meditation has changed the way I see my children. I seem them more as the way they are than I did before as a parent and as a father. There was a certain bias that came with the strong attachment that I had for my children. Getting rid of that, I think you start to see your family in a more realistic way. This is also good for the kids, because they feel that and they feel actually more relaxed around me.

Hjörtur H. / Web Developer and Co-Founder / Stockholm, Sweden
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Escaping burnout

Several years ago, I got this “great” job offer from an international company – good pay, work from home, travel etc. The very things I have always looked for in a job!

A few months down the line I found myself working at least 15 hours a day. Not before long I fainted for the first time ever in my life – stress, fatigue, poor diet, lack of adequate sleep, you name it! This was a sure sign that something was wrong. The following month, we parted ways with the company and I started job hunting. I hunted and hunted but to no avail. My stress levels started escalating and escalating…sleep started evading me. I was not used to just sitting idle.
Lack of sleep led to extreme fatigue; extreme fatigue led to crankiness and impatience!

I was impatient with everyone and anything that didn’t fit my ideal mould. It was me against the world. I blamed everyone and anything for my situation. My health started deteriorating…that’s when I decided I had to do something! Then one day, as I was strolling at the main mall, I met one of the Botswana Meditation Centre helpers. She offered me a brochure and I ignored her, only to retreat a few seconds later to get it. That same afternoon I attended the consultation session and was hooked, never looked back again.

I am really grateful for this meditation method for a number of reasons. Through this method, I’ve been able to de-clutter my mind and rid it of all noises and illusions I’ve accumulated over the years; I am better able to understand and appreciate the Bible; I have finally managed to deal with the death of my mother and brother, thanks to the method!!! Before, I’d literally breakdown just thinking about them. I am now a happier and lighter soul who sleeps like a baby 🙂

I really encourage people to try it out and experience it for themselves!

Cheryl / Entrepreneur / Gaborone
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